Spencer Acker

October 14, 2016 0

The 24-year-old Spencer Acker is a third-generation heir to the Sleepy’s mattress fortune. But he’s not resting on his laurels. Aside from working as a […]


Todd Lawton & Jeff LeBlanc

October 14, 2016 0

Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc, co-founders of Out of Print Clothing, were born 12 hours apart. “Since early on in our lives, we’ve been fortunate […]


Christina Lewis Halpern

October 14, 2016 1

A month before his untimely death from brain cancer in 1993 at age 50, financier Reginald F. Lewis appointed his 12-year-old-daughter Christina to the board […]


Michael Quattrone

October 14, 2016 0

Michael Quattrone, 38, may have one of the most demanding jobs in philanthropy; he manages the personal charity budget of his extended family, which happens […]


Elizabeth Kurpis

October 14, 2016 0

“It’s probably more of an art than a science,” Elizabeth Kurpis, 32, says of orchestrating a successful benefit, while at one of her many charity […]


Maya Nussbaum

October 14, 2016 1

With women holding less than 20 percent of elected positions, winning less than 12 percent of Nobel Prizes in Literature, and directing just 5 percent […]


Michelle Javian

October 14, 2016 0

Imagine the sensory overload new arrivals experience during their first days in New York City. Now, imagine that same overload for those checking a loved […]


Helena Durst

October 14, 2016 0

For Helena Durst, philanthropy—and business—is a family affair. “My great grandmother had instilled in her children the importance of giving,” said Ms. Durst, 38, a […]


Zac Posen

October 14, 2016 0

Designing wunderkind and native New Yorker Zac Posen, 34, supports a slew of local charities, including Teachers Count, which, according to its website, aims to […]