Michael Quattrone

michaelquattroneMichael Quattrone, 38, may have one of the most demanding jobs in philanthropy; he manages the personal charity budget of his extended family, which happens to be the Rockefellers. Tough crowd. The David Rockefeller Fund, named for Mr. Quattrone’s grandfather, donates about $1.5 million annually to nonprofits involved in the arts, the environment and criminal justice. “We try to be nimble and responsive, first movers and talent scouts,” said Mr. Quattrone. Even a modest grant, he suggests, can have an “outsized” impact on a nonprofit, which can then leverage an association with the Rockefeller brand to attract larger gifts. Mr. Quattrone describes the fund as unifying: “I am not experiencing this stereotype of the Thanksgiving table, where there is a big conflict.”

In Mr. Quattrone’s spare time, he and his wife run their own nonprofit, Hearthfire—“a mom-and-pop shop” providing artists and actors with an expense-paid retreats in nature. Mr. Quatttrone believes his great, great grandfather, the oil baron John D. Rockefeller, would approve. “The impulse to give back,” he mused, “is really in our DNA.”—David Wallis

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